1 Brodtkorb Lars Johan NOR (male) | Mauritzen Kristine DEN (female)

2 Wantzin Gustav DEN (male) | Munch Anna DEN (female)

3 Medina Praest Kristian Valentin DEN (male) | Christensen Malene DEN (female)

High resolution pictures of the races will be made available in the coming weeks (September ?). Anyone interested should provide their e-mail address to . A link to the album will then be provided.

The trailerparking will be open till 20.00h


In order to avoid waste of food, we kindly ask you to tell us (secretary of the KYCN or at the Sailor's bar) if some of your sailors do NOT participate to the Sailor’s dinner.

Thank you in advance

The YEC Team

The second Amendment to the sailing instructions is published on our Noticeboard, click here to go to the noticeboard


We published the first Amendment to the sailing instructions on our Noticeboard for the Youth, click here to go to the noticeboard.


To our guests staying on the parking:

 The electrical capacity of the camping is limited to 20A for the whole
 Hence, reduced use (charging batteries, etc.) is possible, but cooking
 using electric fires leads to problems (for the whole camping...).

 Please be so kind to use other ways for the preparation of the meals.
 An alternative is to offer yourself and your family a delicious pancake
 at the Sailor's bar...   :-)

 The YEC-team

Saturday 2 August
Sailors, coaches, volunteers and family are expected at 17.45h between tent and clubhouse, where the parade will start.

Find here the Measurement Schedule for Friday and Saturday